08 décembre 2017


     Revelation Chapter 10.  The Overall Picture  By Merrilyn Jaquiery.  2015 to 2017     I begin this message with a quote from wildlife artist Ren Poortvliet on “keeping things simple”.   “I understand that some artists paint by making photographs of everything and copy their photograph’s three hundred percent, I cannot do that, I try to paint as if I’m telling a story. Let’s say you saw an accident. A man on a bicycle fell because a dog was crossing the street in front of him,... [Lire la suite]
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17 octobre 2016


      THE RAINBOW OF GOD. by Merrilyn Jaquiery   Have you ever studied a rainbow and seen how beautiful it is? And have you ever tried to catch one? I did when I was a child, because I was told that if I caught one I would find a pot of gold at the very end of it, which we all know is not true. Catching one was always impossible because upon reaching the point of where it was, it would have somehow jumped over into another position. And just like that rainbow that seems to lure us to run to catch it, so... [Lire la suite]