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A lesson in Tenacity, Grace and Salvation: from the MOST ENDANGERED BIRD IN THE WORLD


Old Blue



Lessons from Nature:  


Colossians 1:16 For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him



A lesson of Trust.

by Merrilyn Jaquiery


This is a true story of one the last remaining Black Robins and her Tenacity to save her species.


Her name was “Old Blue” she was one of the last five remaining Black Robins in the world. “Old Blue” named after her blue coloured leg band was not much bigger than a sparrow, but her tenacity to see her species saved, gifted her with a life span of around thirteen years when the average life of a Black Robin is around eight. I call that favour, for it seemed her Creator God did not want to see the life of one his precious creations become extinct.

I had the privilege of working alongside the New Zealand Wildlife Service and one especially dedicated wildlife officer whose ground-breaking initiative named “The Foster Programme” helped save her species. The wildlife officers would initially take “Old Blue’s” seasonal first clutch of eggs and repositioned them into the nest of a Tom Tit.’ Both nests were similar in size, except the Tom Tits themselves were quite a bit smaller than the Black Robins. They didn’t seem to mind, they would religiously sit on the eggs as if they were their own until they hatched. Once hatched the little Tom Tits being great foster parents would be ever frantic catching bugs and grubs to feed their fast and larger growing adopted young.

 In the same season, “Old Blue” would produce her second clutch of eggs and this time she was left to raise them by herself. 

The wildlife officer over time formed a relationship of trust between himself and Old Blue, in fact he said, it was as if she knew instinctively he had come to help her. He would feed her and her mate “Old Yellow,” who was also named after his yellow leg band little white grubs. He’d put them on a log and they’d fly down to get them. “Old Yellow” himself was the last remaining fertile male on the block, and I’m now delighted to say there are many new kids on the block as I write this message.

The Black Robins over time had become endangered through many factors (1) by introduced predators, (2) the loss of habitat, (3) and having to live in a hostile environment,

They were literally surviving in a 5hectre bush area on the remote Chatham Island of Little Mangere off the coast of New Zealand.

 I liken the wildlife officer who every year made the perilous journey across the Southern Ocean, then having to leap off a boat onto rocks that would scare anyone of us, for the Southern Oceans swell and depth of water beside the rocks would have been life threatening if you missed. Then once safely on the rock he had to turn around and climb a 60ft cliff to reach the Black Robin habitat.

Not only that, but he also needed to spend a few months on the wind-swept Island. I liken him to a fearless evangelist, one who will go forth with tenacity to the ends of the earth not giving up, ever searching for a way to save the one.

In the same example, I also see Jesus wanting to bring restoration and life to those who are endangered of being lost forever, as if they were the last one remaining on earth.

Jesus is the only One who can break the barriers of mistrust, just like the wildlife officer did between himself and the Black Robins. Ever patient, ever loving, Jesus too extends His hand of trust and grace.

 I liken the Wildlife Officers initiative and ground breaking “Foster Program” to the Church and the body of believers who foster those in need, to love one another, to foster encouragement, to edify, and to bring hope where there is none.                

 I liken the number of the remaining (5) Black Robins to the number of God’s Grace

 I liken the introduced predators to a foreign invader, they are those people who feed off the vulnerable and cause the desolation of someone’s life. In the case of the Black Robins they were the ships rats that came on the early vessels that discovered NZ.

In my first paragraph, I wrote; ‘I believe, that God does not want to see the life of one of His precious creations become extinct’. 

In the Black Robins story, the wildlife officers were sent to save the Black Robins from becoming extinct. I liken this to God sending His Son Jesus to earth, so that we mankind, who are His precious creation and who are made in the very same image of Him, came, gave His life to save us all, for in Jesus' own words He said, “For God so loved the world that He gave His Only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life (John 3: 16) NKJV.

 Today the NZ Chatham Island Black Robin is off the endangered list, “Old Blue” was the mother, grandmother, and is the many a great grandmother of all of today’s Black Robins.

 In this true story and it was a combination of things that made this program successful.

 (1) It was the dedication of those who were assigned to the project, yes, it was their job as wildlife officers but in all truth, it was in their hearts to save something so precious. I know personally of the heartfelt love that the wildlife officers had for “Old Blue” and her offspring.

 (2) was the acceptance of “Old Blue” to re-adjust her life and trust in the one who had come to save her.

Wildlife along with nature is something that Jesus used in His teachings. The Parables bought enlightenment to the multitudes of the lost. The earlier Prophets also used nature to express God’s overall majesty. The Psalms are full of nature to express the power and majesty of God. Here are just a few verses from Psalm 104:

 2 Who cover Yourself with light as with a garment

Who stretch out the heavens like a curtain.

“He lays the beams of His upper chambers in the waters,

Who makes the clouds His chariot,

Who walks on the wings of the wind,

6-7 The waters stood above the mountains

At your rebuke they fled;

At the voice of Your thunder they hasten away.

 30 “You send forth Your Spirit, they are created; And You renew the face of the earth. NKJV


08 décembre 2017





 Revelation Chapter 10.  The Overall Picture

 By Merrilyn Jaquiery.  2015 to 2017



I begin this message with a quote from wildlife artist Ren Poortvliet on “keeping things simple”.


“I understand that some artists paint by making photographs of everything and copy their photograph’s three hundred percent, I cannot do that, I try to paint as if I’m telling a story. Let’s say you saw an accident. A man on a bicycle fell because a dog was crossing the street in front of him, when you come home, and you want to tell the story, you must keep in a special way the point of your story for the best moment. You must not tell how many stones there were on the road. You must not say how many leaves were on the trees beside the road. You must not say how many spokes were in the wheels of his bicycle, no! you have to divide it in several parts and reserve only the most important part of your story, the part that truly tells the story.


I’ve quoted this artists point of view because we can get bogged down with the detail too (types and Symbols) and miss the overall picture.  


I believe that each person’s view of Revelation should be embraced, not fought over of who’s right or who’s wrong, for all who read the book of Revelation and take it to heart will be blessed, and it is the only book in the bible which holds that special promise of God’s blessing to the reader.


Revelation 1: 3 Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take it to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.


So, let’s begin. Revelation Chapter 10 quintessentially represents the glorious fullness of the Trinity being as One revealed with the angel. It is a chapter set in an interlude of time where proclamation, fulfilment and Gods absolute authority is over all things. The chapter rests between the sixth trumpet of judgment in chapter 9 and the seventh and final trumpet in chapter 11.


It has been over two thousand years since Apostle John wrote down the visions given to him by Jesus for us. Past theologians and prophets throughout the ages believed they’d received divine revelation of the apocalyptic messages of Revelation and have prophesied what have been in many cases incorrect doom. Even I have bought future messages that have been from the Holy Spirit, but I have not known the timing of God or the fullness of the prophecy. And to help us to be ever humble, God has left us all wondering what the Seven thunders spoke, for the Apostle John was forbidden to write them down, the book of Revelation is still continuing.


Revelation 1: The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what soon must take place.


Jesus stands at the centre throughout John’s visions. Jesus is the Lion and the Lamb who opens the sevens seals (Revelation 5 and 6) He takes his position on Mount Zion (14;1) and he encompasses his beloved bride (19:7) and He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords (19:16) He is the lamp in the city of God, the New Jerusalem (21:22)


Some believe the angel of Revelation 10 is Jesus himself (the angel of the LORD) and for good reason because this angel clothed identity represents all that ‘Jesus’ is- glorified. Whether he is Jesus or not it is not for me to say, it is the actual overall picture of scripture that I want to focus on. He is seen robed in a cloud, God Himself is within the cloud; Here are some scriptures relating to God's presence in the cloud. Ex 16:10, 19:9, 24:15, 34:5, Ps.104:3, Matt.17: Lk.21:27, Acts.1:9, Rev.1:7.


Revelations 10’s angel is seen with a rainbow over his head. God gave Noah the promised covenant of the first rainbow in the very first book of the bible Genesis, in that he wouldn’t flood the earth again. And the rainbow that is seen over and above the head of the angel of Revelation 10 is the New Covenant rainbow, the promise of Salvation which is revealed as a final sign in end and last book of the bible. This is why I have made the video of Revelation 10 (which can be seen here on my blog) because it reveals Gods future plan of Salvation in the rainbow through the three ordained colours of Blue, Purple and Scarlet, the colours of the past tabernacle curtain, which are now incorporated within the rainbow as the sixth colour, in sixth place for man who was made on the sixth day of creation, it is the story of redemption. 



Throughout the paintings journey from 2015 to 2017 I felt the Lord say there was going to be a paradigm shift and a great awakening. I believe this is what I been shown; Throughout the paintings progress I have watched Europe undergo a humanitarian crisis, an exodus of unseen proportions from Syria and neighbouring war-torn countries. Britain has now exited from the European Union only to return to her original foundations from where her identity lays, and now America is expressing the right to do the same.  I believe what we are seeing is a shift towards Gods past ownership of a land and His sovereignty over a nations spiritual identity and there is a battle going on right now between the evil one and the Kingdom of God over them.


I have just heard today as I was about to release this message: December 6th, 2017.  NOW ISRAEL!  THAT AMERICA HAS RECOGNISED JERUSALEM. THIS IS CONFRMATION.


End time Apostasy. 

Humanism; defined in the dictionary (is a rationalist outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human, rather than divine or supernatural matters) is on the rise and it is already creating the spirit of Apostasy within the denominations of bride of Christ. It is one of the deceptions of end times, and there will be a shift towards cleaning the swamps, e.g.those laws passed that have muddied the pure waters of God.


Today some of the foundational truths are being compromised and realigned to fit the age and the age of politics. The pressure of human rights issues will I believe challenge the very foundations of the Church and it leaders.


Revelation chapter 10 rests between the sixth and the seven trumpets of the seven judgments, it is the time of interlude, and possibly a time of a Great Awakening!


An Artists Journal 

Painting Revelation 10 was going to be a challenge to say the least, because for any artist the transparency of light like the sun seen in the angel’s face would be like trying to catch a rainbow which is impossible.


My variety of paints come from all over the world, blues from the Afghan and German mines, yellows from the earth's clays, white from fermented lead; but not one of them can ever produce the pure transparency of sunlight. For example, every product that we make here on earth will have been made from a substance taken from out of the earth. Light is light, God is light and we mankind are made from the earth and our flesh (bodies) go back to it, but when we have the Light of the World in us (Jesus) then our spirit is transformed into His light and likeness, we spiritually come out of the shadow (death) into the light. (eternal life).


Let all the Heavens and the Earth Praise Him! 

Revelation 10: 1-7. Then I saw another mighty angel coming down from heaven. He was robed in a cloud, with a rainbow above his head; his face was like the sun, and his legs were like fiery pillars. He was holding a little scroll, which lay open in his hand. He planted his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land, and he gave a loud shout like the roar of a lion. When he shouted, the voices of the seven thunders spoke. And when the seven thunders spoke, I was about to write; but I heard a voice from heaven say, “seal up what the seven thunders have said and do not write it down.” Then the angel I had seen standing on the sea and on the land raised his right hand to heaven. And he swore by him who lives forever and ever, who created the heavens and all that is in them, the earth and all that is in it, and the sea and all that is in it, and said, “There will be no more delay! But in the days when the seventh angel is about to sound his trumpet, the mystery of God will be accomplished, just as he announced to his servants the prophets.”








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15 septembre 2017

Revelation, Apocalypse 10

Revelation, Apocalypse 10

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17 octobre 2016




thumbnail_still shot of indigo rainbow


THE RAINBOW OF GOD. by Merrilyn Jaquiery


Have you ever studied a rainbow and seen how beautiful it is? And have you ever tried to catch one? I did when I was a child, because I was told that if I caught one I would find a pot of gold at the very end of it, which we all know is not true.

Catching one was always impossible because upon reaching the point of where it was, it would have somehow jumped over into another position. And just like that rainbow that seems to lure us to run to catch it, so does our glorious colourful Father encourage and delight in watching us run to catch Him who is the very creator of the rainbow. And the pot of gold, well interesting enough all gold represents God’s sovereignty in the Bible.

It seems quite clear that in the first two days of creation, God wanted to be seen above us in the space called “sky.”

On the very first day of creation His plan was to create light, God said “Let there be light.” And there was light. God saw that the light was good and he separated the light from darkness. Genesis 1. Vs. 3-4

On the second day of creation Gods plan was to separate the waters above from the waters below, by doing this He created an expanse called “sky.” Genesis 1 vs. 6, 7 8.

God is explained in scripture as spirit and as “light” and the Holy Spirit as to water.

Light itself is invisible unless it passes through either water or a prism, to create a refraction of colours, for when light passes through the avenue of water its components are revealed, so it is in the spiritual avenue of light or revelation, we see it is the Holy Spirit (the water) who reveals all light (God) which are brought together to reveal all truth.

 The Bible tells us that we ourselves are made in the very image of God.

It is interesting to note that we, mankind can only naturally see seven distinct colours of light, but nocturnal birds, like owls etc can see into the infra red light and at the other end of the spectrum insects like bees can see into the ultra violet light.

Have you ever noticed when wearing blue clothing you seem to attract the unwanted attention of a bumble bee, I have and I usually have to run.

 The sevenfold structure of light separates into the seven colours of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

The three primary colours; are Red, Yellow and Blue. Spiritually in the avenue of revelation this speaks of the “Trinity of light”, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Now let’s take this revelation another step further and look at “Jesus” being the light of the world. “I am the light of the world. (Jn. 8. 12)

In the revelation of Jesus being the light of the world we see a direct link to the three primary revelations and the three primary doctrines. Jesus says, “I am- the way- the truth- and the life” (Jn 14.6)

I am the Way (red) (Salvation) ---- The truth, (yellow) ---- and the life (blue) (in the Resurrection) Heavenlies (Holy Spirit)

We note now that after separating the primary colours we are left with the colours of orange, green, indigo and violet.

As an artist when I mix red and yellow together they will make orange, and when I mix blue and yellow together they make green and when I mix red and blue together they will make purple or violet.

So where does the colour Indigo fit in? The position of Indigo always puzzled me as an artist because Indigo always seemed to be such a dark colour in contrast to the soft blue above it and the soft violet below it. But God in his amazing love was revealing two things in the colour Indigo.

 In Exodus chapter 26 vs.31- 33. God spoke to Moses, “Make a curtain of blue, purple and scarlet yarn and finely twisted linen, with cherubim, worked into it by skilled craftsman. Hang the curtain from the clasps and place the Ark of the Testimony behind the curtain. The curtain will separate the Holy place from the most Holy Place.”

 These three colours of blue, purple and scarlet are the only colours that God specifically named for Himself in the bible, all the rest of the colours mentioned throughout the bible relate to the colours of a gemstone. They, the prophets and writers of scripture, likened the colours they saw surrounding the throne of God, to the colour of a gemstone.

 Here are some scriptures relating to colours of gemstones.

Exodus 24: 9 Moses and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and the seventy elders of Israel went up and saw the God of Israel. Under his feet was something like a pavement made of blue sapphire.

Ezekiel 1: 16 This was the appearance and structure of the wheels; They sparkled like chrysolite. 22, Spread out above the heads of the living creatures was what looked like an expanse, sparkling like ice, and awesome.

Revelation 4: 3 And the one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and carnelian. A rainbow resembling an emerald encircled the throne. (6) Also before the throne there was looked like a sea of glass, clear as crystal.

 God was revealing two amazing revelations in His three ordained colours of blue, purple and scarlet. The first one being the three colours of the curtain itself, and the second, was the placement of the curtain within the Holy Place which separated the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place.

There is a third revelation which the Holy Spirit revealed to me, that if I mixed the colours of blue, purple and scarlet together they made up the colour Indigo. Indigo positioned sixth colour in the rainbow, has been hotly debated scientifically to whether it should be included or not.

The curtain of blue, purple and scarlet was in essence the sixth piece of furniture within the Old Testaments Tabernacle. We man were also made on the sixth day of creation in the image of God. Genesis 1: 27-31

 Now can you see the picture of redemption forming?

 Spiritually and beautifully Christ who died for us (mankind 6th), now stands in the place of the original Tabernacle curtain which hung in the 6th order of the furniture settings that separated man from God. For the original curtain of the temple was torn in two when Christ died on the cross. Luke: 23:45, Mark: 15:38.

 Jesus Christ is our Great High Priest who now makes intersession for us, so we are able to come boldly unto the throne of God. Gods amazing love for His creation was showing us His future plan of redemption. Blue of the resurrection, the heavenly Son coming down from heaven, and the Holy Spirit) (purple of the soon coming King) and (red the way to the Father through the blood of Jesus

 Let’s put these amazing ordained colours of God together:

 Blue, purple and scarlet = Curtain = 6th piece of furniture. (Christ today has replaced)

 Man made on the 6th day =in the image of God.

 Blue, purple and scarlet mixed together = Indigo = 6th order of the rainbow our spectrum of light.

 What an amazing God we serve, all praise to him, and now when I see a rainbow, I see the eternal promises and I am also reminded of how blessed I am.

 Glory to God and to my Lord Jesus





18 mai 2015

"Jesus Is Risen" "Risen" 2013 painting by Merrilyn Jaquiery


2015-05-18 15



“Jesus Is Risen”

While I was on holiday in Europe in 2013, I visited many of the centuries old Cathedrals. Coming from New Zealand where our history only dates back  three or four hundred years, I was inspired by their architectural craftsmanship, their beautiful stained glass windows and their large walled paintings that were painted to help those who were illiterate to embrace the gospel.

When visiting one of the Cathedrals, I watched a young women in a wheelchair come into the Church, her friend or caregiver carefully positioned her beneath the beautifully carved image of Jesus upon the cross. As the young disabled women faced her loving saviour, I watched her face light up in glorious adoration for Him, and I felt that she truly didn’t see her own disability when she looked upon His broken body.

I was saddened to see her being held captive to her condition and I wondered if she knew that Jesus wasn’t up there on the cross anymore, that He had risen, He was alive and by His Spirit and in His name He could heal her.

“I have risen my beautiful daughter, I could hear Him say, these walls around you are beautiful and they are made in honour of me, but this is just a place where one gathers in my name, I have risen and I am alive”.

Matthew 28: 6, He is not here; for He is risen, as He said. Come see the place where the Lord lay. And go quickly and tell His disciples that He has risen from the dead. The Lord then went ahead of them as He does for us, risen and alive in the resurrection power of the blessed Holy Spirit.

My question is this, have our Church’s become a place of refuge, instead of Jesus being our place of refuge?  

I believe many religions over history have built what I call spiritual architectures, those added ornate patterns of spiritual regulations that have confused the body of Christ, which has separated them from the simple Gospel of grace. In essence these architectures of religion have restricted what Jesus actually needed to be resurrected in and with, that is the power and person of God, the blessed Holy Spirit.

Matthew 24: 1-2, Jesus left the temple and was walking away when his disciples came to him to call his attention to its buildings. (They also were magnificent) “Do you see all these things? He asked. “I tell you the truth, not one stone will be left on another, every one will be thrown down.

Of course Jesus was proclaiming to His disciples a new order of God’s covenant that was going to complete the Old covenant law, but Jesus was also revealing that the people had become reliant on the grand architectural beauty and richness of the Temple, that was structurally creating false hope.     

Where there is refuge, there is rest, a rest and knowledge that one is safe from the pursuit of an enemy. During the Second World War Switzerland became a country of refuge, and in the unseen spiritual wars above, the powers and principalities of the unseen enemy, it is Jesus who becomes our place of refuge. I can imagine myriads of powerful angels protecting all of those who enter into His place of refuge.

When the Church was birthed at the point of Christ’s death and resurrection, it was birthed out of a borrowed tomb, a gifted linen grave cloth and there was nothing architecturally grandeur about it. It was just some stonemasons chisel marks in a cave, and it was just how our loving King and Saviour was born too, born in a borrowed stable.

Romans 8: 1-4, Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death. For what the law was powerless to do in that it was weakened by the sinful nature, God did by sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful man to be a sin offering. And so he condemned sin in sinful man, in order that the righteous requirements of the law might be fully met in us, who do not live according to the sinful nature but according to the Spirit.

There is a wonderful teaching on the past cities of refuge that reveal Christ Jesus today as our city of refuge by Myriam Voisin:


2015-05-18 15

Jésus est Ressuscité

2015-05-18 15


« Jésus est Ressuscité. »


Durant mes vacances en Europe en 2013, je me suis rendu dans un bon nombre de Cathédrales centenaires. Venant de Nouvelle-Zélande où notre histoire remonte seulement à trois ou quatre cents ans, je me suis inspiré par leur savoir-faire architectural, leurs beaux vitraux et leurs grands tableaux qui ont été peints pour aider ceux qui étaient analphabètes à embrasser l'Évangile.

Lors de la visite d'une des Cathédrales, je regardais une jeune femme dans un fauteuil roulant entrer dans l'Église, son ami ou un soignant l’a placée soigneusement sous l'image magnifiquement sculpté de Jésus sur la croix. Alors que cette jeune femme handicapée faisait face à son bien-aimé Sauveur, je regardais son visage s’illuminé dans une glorieuse adoration pour lui, et je ressentais vraiment qu'elle ne  voyait plus  son propre handicap quand elle regardait Son corps brisé.

J’étais attristée de voir  son état de captivité dû à son handicap et je me demandais si elle savait que Jésus n’était pas là-haut sur la croix, qu'il était  ressuscité, Il était vivant et que par Son Esprit et en son nom, il pouvait la guérir.

"Je pouvais l’entendre dire, je suis ressuscité ma fille merveilleuse, ces murs qui t’entourent sont magnifiques et ils sont faits en  mon honneur, mais c'est juste un endroit où l'on se rassemble en mon nom, je suis ressuscité et je suis vivant».

Matthieu 28: 6  « il n’est point ici; il est ressuscité, comme il l’avait dit. Venez, voyez le lieu où il était couché. Et allez promptement dire à ses disciples qu'il est ressuscité d'entre les morts. » Le Seigneur les précéda comme il le fait pour nous, ressuscité et vivant dans la puissance de la résurrection de l'Esprit Saint.

Ma question est la suivante : Notre Église est-elle devenu  un lieu de refuge, à la place de Jésus notre refuge?

Je crois que beaucoup de religions à travers l'histoire ont construit ce que j’appelle des architectures spirituelles, ces ornements ajoutés des règles spirituelles qui ont semé la confusion dans le corps du Christ, et l’a séparé de la simplicité de  l’Evangile de la grâce. En fait, ces architectures de la religion ont restreint ce que Jésus a réellement besoin d'être ressuscité en nous et avec nous, qui est la puissance et la personne de Dieu, le Saint-Esprit.

Matthieu 24: 1-2, Jésus s’en alla au sortir du temple,  ses disciples s’approchèrent pour lui en faire remarquer les constructions. (Ils étaient aussi magnifiques) "Voyez-vous toutes ces choses? «Je vous dis la vérité, il ne restera pas ici  pierre sur pierre qui ne soit renversée.

Bien sûr, Jésus proclamait à ses disciples un nouvel ordre du Dieu de l’alliance, qui allait remplacer la loi de l'Ancienne l'alliance, mais Jésus a également révélé que les gens se reposaient sur la grande beauté architecturale et la richesse du Temple, ce qui créa de faux espoir.

Là où il y a un refuge, il y a le repos, un repos et la connaissance que l'on est à l'abri de la poursuite d'un ennemi. Pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, la Suisse est devenue un pays de refuge, et dans les guerres spirituelles invisibles au-dessus de nous, les pouvoirs et les principautés invisibles de l'ennemi, c’est Jésus qui devient notre lieu de refuge. Je peux imaginer des myriades d'anges puissants protégeant tous ceux qui entrent dans Son lieu de refuge.

Quand l'Église a pris naissance au moment de la mort et de la résurrection du Christ, naquit d’un tombeau emprunté, un morceau de lin mortuaire et il n'y avait aucune grandeur architecturale à ce sujet. Il y avait juste des marques laissées par quelques tailleurs de pierre dans la tombe, et également  ainsi que  notre Roi et Sauveur d’amour est né, dans une étable empruntée.

Romains 8: 1-4, il n'y a donc maintenant aucune condamnation pour ceux qui sont en Jésus-Christ, En effet la loi de l’Esprit de vie en Jésus Christ m’a affranchi de la loi du péché et de la mort. Car chose impossible à la loi parce que la chair la rendait sans force. Dieu a condamné le péché dans la chair, en envoyant, à cause du péché, son propre Fils dans une chair semblable à  celle du péché. Et cela, afin que la justice de la loi soit accomplie en nous, qui marchons, non selon la chair, mais selon l’Esprit.

Il y a  un merveilleux enseignement sur les anciennes cités de refuge qui révèlent Jésus-Christ aujourd'hui notre cité de refuge par Myriam Voisin http://mapassionlabible.canalblog.com/



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28 janvier 2015

Entering into His Rest "You are worth more than many Sparrows".


2015-01-28 11


 Entering His Rest "you are worth more than Many sparrows."


Jesus said, “Are not two sparrows sold for penny? Yet ‘not one of them will fall to the ground without the will of your Father’. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows”. (Matt 10: 29-30).

What an incredible promise Jesus makes in these two verses. In Matthew Chapter 10 vs 1; Jesus calls his twelve disciples to himself and gives them authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and sickness. He forewarns them of the challenges ahead when ministering in His name.  Jesus said to them, that if he Himself had been called Beelzebub, (Satan, father of lies) then His disciples would also suffer the same persecutions and accusations.

Sadly this still happens today, especially to those who minister in the liberty of the Holy Spirit, but Jesus encouraged them, by saying, do not be afraid of them. There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be not be made known. What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs. Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs on your head are numbered. So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. (Matthew 10: 26-30)

It is truly beyond our human comprehension that amongst the many millions if not billions of Sparrows worldwide, our heavenly Father sees and knows each one of them, along with the very hairs upon our head even if we sometimes don’t have very many left!

I too have personally experienced what Jesus forewarns His disciples with, but laying that aside I want to encourage you with my very own personal testimony of God’s love and provision that will stretch any preconceived ideas of what we might possibly think Gods provision should be. It would be natural to think that His provision for me was either a financial blessing or some other kind of humanity’s necessities, and yes they can be, but Gods provision for me was literally straight out of Matthew 10: vs 29.                                                                  

In 1978 my watercolour painting of “nesting sparrows” (above) was nearing completion. I had painted the male sparrow along with the nest, but I was needing to photograph a female one. After trying for most of the week to photograph one without success, I wondered how I was going to finish the painting. The following morning I left home to buy a loaf of bread, upon returning I noticed a small bundle laying in the centre of my driveway. I stopped the car and got out to see what it was, I was shocked; in fact I couldn’t believe it, it was a little dead female sparrow. I looked around to see if it had had an accident or something, but there wasn’t a mark on it and it was still warm from the life it had just had.

As I picked it up I was reminded, that not one sparrow will fall to the ground without the will of the Father. I can remember looking up and saying, “Oh Lord you didn’t have to do that for me” I would have eventually photographed one. But beloved that’s how much He cares for us, and just like the millions if not billions of sparrows, He sees and knows each and every one of us. “Do not be afraid” are the words of Jesus to us, “you are worth more than these” (Sparrows).

Whilst writing this teaching in 2015, I have watched millions of people throughout France and around the world march in unity for the freedom of speech and religion. Jesus Himself said, there will be a time when the world hates you, remember it hated me before it hated you. (John 15: 18) and the time is coming when those who kill you will think they are doing God a service. (John 16: 1-2)

It is no different today as it was 2000 years ago, when a man named Saul known today as the Apostle Paul, hated and killed the early Christians, those  who followed the Way. Saul believed that he too was doing God a service.      To be honest, if I was a Christian back then I may have wanted see Saul transported somewhere, but this is never the way of Jesus, He sees humanity in and through His sacrifice, for scriptures tell us that He came to save the lost, preach the gospel to the poor, proclaim the release of the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind, to set the captives free those who are downtrodden and to proclaim the favourable year of the LORD. (Luke 4: 18-19)

 Jesus knew Saul was spiritually blinded, But their minds were blinded for until this very day at the reading of the old covenant the same veil remains un-lifted, because it is removed in Christ. (2 Corinthians 3: 14). Jesus supernaturally encountered Saul on the road to Damascus, heaven opened and a light so intense flashed all around Saul causing him to fall to the ground, Jesus said, “Saul! Why are you persecuting me? Who are you, Lord? Saul asked. And the voice replied, “I am Jesus, the one you are persecuting! Now get up and go into the city, and you will be told what you are to do”. (Acts 9:3-6).  Picking himself up Saul could see nothing even though his eyes were open, the encounter had blinded him. The other men who were traveling with Saul heard the voice of Jesus but saw nothing; they proceeded to lead Saul onto Damascus.

Saul was there for three days without sight, Jesus was removing his spiritual blindness, Saul had to wait the same time as it took Jesus to rise again (three days), before his new spiritual insight and sight could be restored through the Resurrection power of the cross which brings new life. In the meantime Jesus spoke to a prophet called Ananias to go and lay his hands on Saul so that he may regain his sight. Ananias questioned his assignment, he said; ‘Lord I have heard about this man Saul and what he has done to the saints at Jerusalem, but Jesus said Go, for I have chosen him to bear My name before the Gentiles and kings and the sons of Israel. Ananias stood before the one who had murdered and persecuted many of the saints., "Saul, Ananias said, Jesus has sent me to lay hands upon you so you will be healed" and immediately there fell from Saul’s eyes something like scales, (the past spiritual blindness) and Saul regained his new sight, he arose and was baptised and became a new creature in Christ. Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature, the old things passed away; behold new things have come (2 Corinthians 5: 17).

The rest is history, Saul now known as the Apostle Paul became the greatest Apostle of all time. If Paul wrote the book of Hebrews then he would have written a total of fourteen books of the New Testament.

As we journey on through these troubled and latter days, let us pray in unity for the end- time harvest of souls, let us be reminded of what Jesus is still able to do, He is still able to supernaturally encounter any man or women today just as He did for Saul. And I am in no doubt that He can change those who continue to persecute Christians and turn them into some of the greatest men and women for God for the coming end time harvest of Gods glory to be seen upon this earth.

Jesus bought to us a new dimension of access to the Almighty Creator. Jesus called Him, Abba Father, Jesus took away the blindness that legalistic religion and sacrifices create, and reveals God through His own sacrifice upon the Cross, as Abba Father.

Let us be reminded of Gods protection, e.g. the manna, the supernatural food of heaven, the rain of quail Gods provision for His people during their forty year journey in the desert testing (Exodus 16). The Cloud by day (Creation provision) their protection from the intense desert heat, (the shadow of God Almighty Himself). And at night His fire which kept them warm from the extreme cold of the desert nights that fell below zero. We are talking millions of people here, it is no wonder that Jesus tells us not to worry or be afraid, for His Word never changes, all Creation is subject to it, and all existence is bought into it.

Today I am still amazed at what he did for me, even if it was as small and insignificant as a sparrow, it was like a big huge hug to say “My eye is on you and my love and glory will be seen through the gift of my sparrow.”









Entrer dans son repos

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Entrer dans son repos: pour (2015)

"Vous valez plus que beaucoup de moineaux (passereaux)".

Jésus a dit, "ne vend-on pas deux passereaux pour sou? Cependant, il n’en tombe pas un à terre sans la volonté de votre Père". Et même vos cheveux sont tous comptés. Ne craignez donc point : vous valez plus que beaucoup de moineaux (passereaux) ". (Matthieu 10: 29-30).

Quelle incroyable promesse Jésus fait dans ces deux versets. Dans Matthieu chapitre 10 vs 1; Jésus appelle ses douze disciples et leur donne le pouvoir de chasser les esprits impurs et de guérir toute maladie et toute infirmité. Il les prévient des défis à relever lorsqu’ils exercent le ministère en Son nom. Jésus leur dit, tout comme  il avait lui-même été appelé Belzébuth, (Satan, père du mensonge), ses disciples devraient également subir les mêmes persécutions et accusations.

Malheureusement, c’est  qui se passe encore aujourd'hui, en particulier pour ceux qui exerce le  ministre dans la liberté de l'Esprit Saint, mais Jésus les encourage, en disant, "ne les craignez donc point. Il n'y a rien de caché qui ne doive être découvert, ni de secret qui ne doive être connu. Ce que je vous dis dans les ténèbres, dites à la lumière du jour; et ce qui est dit à l'oreille, prêchez-le sur les toits. Ne craignez pas ceux qui tuent le corps et qui ne peuvent tuer l'âme. Craignez plutôt celui qui peut faire périr l'âme et le corps dans la géhenne. Ne vend-on pas deux passereaux pour un sou? Cependant, il n’en tombe pas un   à terre sans la volonté de votre Père. Et même vos cheveux sont tous comptés. Ne craignez donc point : vous valez plus que beaucoup de passereaux. (Matthieu 10: 26-30)

C’est vraiment au-delà de notre compréhension humaine que parmi les millions voire des milliards de passereaux à travers le monde, notre Père céleste voit et connaît chacun d'entre eux, de même pour les cheveux sur la tête, même si parfois nous n’en avons plus beaucoup!

J’ai personnellement vécu ce dont  Jésus avertit ses disciples, mais ne nous arrêtons pas là- dessus, je veux vous encourager avec mon propre témoignage de l'amour et de la provision de Dieu qui élargira les idées préconçues que nous pensons sur ce que doit  être la provision de Dieu. Il serait naturel de penser que sa provision pour moi soit une bénédiction financière ou une pour les besoins humains, et oui cela peut être le cas, mais la provision de Dieu pour moi était littéralement celle de Matthieu 10: 29.

En 1978, ma peinture d'aquarelle de " nidification  de moineaux " (ci-dessus) était presque  achevée. J’avais peint le moineau mâle avec le nid, mais j’avais besoin de photographier une femelle. Après avoir essayé sans succès  toute la semaine d’en photographier une, je me demandais comment j’allais finir la peinture. Le lendemain matin, lorsque j’ai quitté la maison pour acheter une miche de pain, à mon retour, j’ai remarqué un petit paquet par terre dans le centre de mon allée. J’ai arrêté la voiture et suis sortie pour voir ce que c’était, je fus choquée; en fait, je ne pouvais pas le croire, c’était une femelle  moineau morte. J’ai regardé  pour voir si elle avait eu un accident ou quelque chose, mais il n'y avait pas une marque sur elle et elle était encore chaude de la vie qu'elle venait d'avoir.

Au moment où  je l'ai ramassée, je me suis souvenue, que pas un moineau ne tombe à terre sans la volonté du Père. Je me souviens avoir levé les yeux au ciel et dire: «Oh Seigneur tu n'avais pas à faire cela pour moi" j’en aurais éventuellement photographié une. Oui bien-aimé cela nous montre combien il se soucie de nous, et tout comme les millions voire des milliards de moineaux, Il voit et connaît chacun d'entre nous. "N’ayez pas peur» sont les paroles de Jésus à nous, vous valez plus que ces (passereaux, moineaux).

Pendant la rédaction de cet enseignement en 2015, j’ai vu des millions de personnes dans toute la France et dans le monde entier, marcher dans l'unité pour la liberté d'expression et de religion. Jésus Lui-même a dit, il y aura un moment où le monde vous haïra, n’oubliez pas qu'il m'a haï avant vous. (Jean 15: 18) et le temps viendra où ceux qui vous tueront, penseront  rendre un culte à Dieu. (Jean 16: 1-2)

Ce n’est pas différent aujourd'hui qu'il y a 2000 ans, quand un homme nommé Saul connu aujourd'hui comme l'apôtre Paul, haïssait et tuaient les premiers chrétiens, ceux qui suivaient la Voie. Saul croyait que lui aussi rendait un service à Dieu. Pour être honnête, si j’étais un chrétien à l'époque j’aurais voulu voir Saul transporté ailleurs, mais ce n’est jamais le chemin de Jésus, Il voit l'humanité dans et par son sacrifice, car les Écritures nous disent qu'il est venu pour sauver les perdus, prêcher l'Évangile aux pauvres, proclamer la libération des captifs, et le recouvrement de la vue aux aveugles, pour renvoyer libres ceux qui sont opprimés et proclamer une année favorable de l'Éternel. (Luc 4: 18-19)

Jésus savait  que Saul était aveuglé spirituellement, "mais ils sont devenus durs d’entendement. Car jusqu'à ce jour, le même voile demeure quand ils font la lecture de l’Ancien Testament, et il ne se lève pas, parce que c’est en Christ qu’il est retiré Christ. (2 Corinthiens 3: 14).  De manière surnaturelle Jésus rencontra Saul sur le chemin de Damas, "une lumière venant du ciel resplendit autour de lui, le faisant tomber à terre, Jésus dit: «Saul! Pourquoi me persécutes-tu? Qui es-tu, Seigneur? Saul demanda. Et la voix répondit: «Je suis Jésus, celui que tu persécutes!...... Maintenant lève-toi, entre dans la ville, et on te dira ce que tu dois faire ". Saul se releva de terre, et, quoique ses yeux soient ouverts, la rencontre l’avait aveuglé. Les autres hommes qui voyageaient avec Saul entendirent la voix de Jésus, mais n’ont rien vu; ils ont conduits Saul à Damas. (Actes 9: 3-8).

Saul resta là pendant trois jours sans voir, Jésus retirait sa cécité spirituelle, Saul a dû attendre le même temps que Jésus a mis pour ressusciter (trois jours), avant que sa nouvelle vision spirituelle et ses connaissances puissent être restaurées par la puissance de résurrection de la croix qui apporte une nouvelle vie. Pendant ce temps,  Jésus a parlé à un prophète appelé Ananias lui demandant d'aller poser ses mains sur Saul afin qu'il recouvre la vue. Ananias s’interrogea sur sa mission, il dit; «Seigneur, j’ai entendu parler de cet homme Saul et ce qu'il a fait aux saints à Jérusalem, mais Jésus lui dit: Va, car cet homme est un instrument que j’ai choisi pour porter mon nom devant les nations, devant les rois, et les fils d'Israël. Ananias se tenait devant celui qui avait assassiné et persécuté plusieurs des saints. «Saul, lui dit Ananias, Jésus m'a envoyé pour t’imposer les mains afin que tu sois guéris" et immédiatement, il tomba des yeux de Saul comme des écailles, (l’aveuglement spirituel) et Saul trouva une nouvelle vue, il se leva, et fut baptisé, il est devenu une nouvelle créature en Christ. En sorte que  si quelqu'un est en Christ, il est une nouvelle création, les choses anciennes sont passées; voici toutes choses sont devenues nouvelles (2 Corinthiens 5: 17).

Le reste c’est de l'histoire, Saul maintenant connu comme l'Apôtre Paul est devenu le plus grand apôtre de tous les temps. Si Paul a écrit le livre des Hébreux, il aurait écrit un total de quatorze livres du Nouveau Testament.

Tandis que nous voyageons dans ces jours troublés des derniers temps, prions dans l'unité pour la récolte des âmes de la fin des temps, rappelons-nous tout ce que Jésus est encore capable de faire, Il est encore en mesure de rencontrer surnaturellement tout homme ou femmes aujourd'hui tout comme il l'a fait pour Saul. Et je n’ai aucun doute qu'il peut changer ceux qui continuent à persécuter les chrétiens et les transformer en de grands hommes et femmes de Dieu,  pour la récolte de la fin des temps qui vient de la gloire de Dieu et qui sera vu sur cette terre.

Jésus nous a amené dans une nouvelle dimension  pour accéder au Créateur Tout-Puissant. Jésus l'a appelé, Abba, Père, Jésus a enlevé l'aveuglement que la religion et les sacrifices légalistes créent, et a révélé Dieu au travers de son propre sacrifice sur la Croix, comme Abba, Père.

Rappelons-nous de la protection de Dieu, par exemple la manne, la nourriture surnaturelle du ciel, la pluie de cailles provision de Dieu pour son peuple pendant leur voyage de quarante ans dans l’épreuve du désert  (Exode 16). La nuée  le jour (La provision de la création) pour leur protection contre la chaleur intense du désert, (l'ombre du Dieu Tout-Puissant Lui-même). Et la nuit Son feu qui les réchauffait contre le  froid extrême des nuits dans le désert qui tombaient en dessous de zéro. Nous parlons ici de millions de personnes, il n’est donc pas étonnant que Jésus nous dise de ne pas nous inquiéter ou d’avoir peur, car Sa Parole ne change jamais, toute la création est soumise à lui, et toute existence est rachetée en Lui.

Aujourd'hui, je suis toujours étonnée de ce qu'Il a fait pour moi, même si c’était aussi petit et insignifiant qu’un moineau, c’était comme un gros, un énorme câlin pour me dire «Mon regard est sur toi ainsi que  mon amour et la gloire sera vue au travers du don de mon moineau. "

04 janvier 2015

Reflections of a Waterfall by Christian artist MerrilynJaquiery

Art Video: Reflections of a waterfall by Christian Artist Merrilyn Jaquiery

07 décembre 2014

L'eau sur le dos d'un canard


L'eau sur le dos d'un canard


Une belle comparaison biblique de "l’eau sur le dos d’un canard "

Eau, huile et air (le souffle)

Avez-vous déjà entendu le dicton «L'eau sur le dos d'un canard ? Ma mère citait assez souvent ces mots quand je lui disais que quelqu'un avait été dit des choses désagréables sur moi. Elle  me faisait  un câlin et disait: «Ma chérie, que ces mots désagréables soient comme « l’eau sur le dos d’un canard.»

Nous pouvons voir une belle comparaison biblique dans ces quelques mots « l’eau sur le dos d’un canard.» Cela signifie ma chérie, ne laisse pas des mots négatifs avoir un impact sur toi, laisse les rouler, pardonne et continue d’avancer.

J’ai étudié et peint des  canards tout au long de ma carrière artistique, j’aime les regarder  lorsqu’ils refont surface après la recherche de nourriture sous l'eau. Une fois de retour à la surface les nombreuses gouttelettes d'eau rebondissent comme de petites boules dans leur dos pour retomber dans l'eau à nouveau.

Pour rester en bonne santé, les canards doivent se lisser régulièrement, parce que cette même eau sur laquelle ils sont conçus pour vivre, devient un piège mortel pour eux s’ils ne le font pas. Pour protéger les canards de leur environnement humide, Dieu a conçu une glande d’huile spéciale appelée la glande uropygienne qui est située au-dessous de leur queue. Cette glande d’huile spéciale est ce avec quoi le canard s’imperméabilise.

Nous avons également été conçu pour vivre dans un environnement qui peut devenir un piège mortel pour nous aussi, nous ne sommes pas des créatures aquatiques comme sont les canards, mais ce qui est intéressant est que tout comme lui, nous avons besoin de l’huile pour protéger nos vies. Je ne parle pas d'un type d'huile qui protège notre peau, ou de l'huile de poisson pour rendre nos cœurs sains, je parle de l'huile surnaturelle de l'Esprit Saint.

Nous tous sommes de chair, nous n’avons pas de plumes comme les canards  et nous serions un peu ridicule si nous en avions; La Bible nous dit que nous avons été créés à partir de la poussière de la terre. (Genèse 2: 7), L'Éternel Dieu forma l'homme de la poussière de la terre, il souffla dans ses narines un souffle de vie, et l'homme devint un être vivant, et c’est notre chair qui retourne à la poussière lorsque nous mourrons.

Dans Genèse 2: 7 ci-dessus, nous lisons que Dieu souffla dans l'homme. Il est de notoriété publique que l'homme est constitué de trois parties, il y a notre corps (chair), notre âme et notre esprit; une trinité! Nous sommes des hommes en essence esprit, et la Bible nous dit que Dieu est esprit aussi, Jésus a dit: «Dieu est esprit, et ses adorateurs doivent l'adorer en esprit et en vérité.» (Jean 4:24)

Genèse 1: 26 Puis Dieu dit: "Faisons l'homme à notre image, à l'image de Dieu il le créa; mâle et femelle il les créa.

Parce que nous avons été créés à l'image de Dieu, nous devons garder les parties spirituelles de notre corps éternellement sain. Dans le naturel, nos corps physiques ont besoin d'un régime alimentaire bien équilibré pour les empêcher de tomber malade, et c’est la même chose pour notre esprit et notre âme, sauf qu'il n’y a pas de nourriture ou d’eau sur cette terre qui puisse nous garder en bonne santé , car notre âme et esprit  n’ont pas besoin d'aliments naturels comme nos organes en ont besoin, mais d'une nourriture spirituelle pure et la seule source de cette nourriture est la Parole de Dieu. Jésus a déclaré, «Je suis le pain de vie. Celui qui vient à moi n’aura jamais faim, et celui qui croit en moi n’aura jamais soif. (Jean 6:35)

Jésus est venu sur la terre pour mourir sur la croix pour racheter nos vies, notre trinité d'être sans Dieu, le Fils de Dieu (Jésus l’eau et le pain de la vie) et l'Esprit Saint (huile), la trinité du ciel, la terre devient un piège mortel pour nous, pas physiquement car  nous  mourrons tous et retournerons  à la poussière, mais dans la vérité spirituelle de la vie éternelle.

En outre les capacités d’étanchéité du canard, des plumes de canard possèdent une autre qualité pour les aider à rester à flot, elles emprisonnent l'air. Quand un canard plonge sous l'eau, l'eau est chassée du corps du canard par de petites bulles d'air minuscules. C’est parce que Dieu a créé leurs plumes comme un système de barbes qui s’imbriquent ensemble, et quand ils plongent sous l'eau,  ils évincer l'air en appuyant sur leurs plumes. L'air agit comme une barrière et la protection aide le canard à atteindre son but.

Nous pouvons voir une autre comparaison biblique ici, car c’est seulement quand un canard est complètement immergé sous l'eau que commence le processus de libération de l'air. Nous devons aussi être complètement immergé et baptisé dans le Saint-Esprit pour recevoir Son (air, souffle) afin que nous puissions être équipés pour le ministère. (Actes 2: 2). Soudain, un bruit comme celui d'un vent violent venu du ciel et remplit toute la maison où ils étaient assis.

(Jean 20: 21-22). Jésus a dit, «Comme le Père m'a envoyé, je vous envoie.» Et il souffla sur eux et leur dit: "Recevez l'Esprit Saint."

Il existe de nombreuses espèces de la faune mentionnée dans la Bible. Jésus a utilisé comme exemple le renard révélant ainsi la nature d'Hérode, évidemment Hérode était un individu qui était rusé sournois, opportuniste et très destructeur. (Luc 13: 32): «Allez dire à ce renard:« Je vais chasser les démons et de guérir les gens aujourd'hui et de demain et le troisième jour je vais atteindre mon objectif. »

Cantique des Cantiques révèle aussi le renard, (quelque chose qui semble inoffensif et mignon, et qui  est destructeur). Cantique des Cantiques 2: 14-15. « Ma colombe qui te tient dans les fentes du  rocher, qui te cache dans les  parois escarpées, montre-moi ton visage, fais-moi entendre ta voix; car ta voix est douce, et votre visage est agréable. Prenez nous les renards, les petits renards qui ravagent les vignes,  car nos vignes sont en fleur. »

Les renards attendront jusqu'à ce qu'ils ne puissent pas être détectés avant d'entrer dans un vignoble fructueux, ou comme le révèle le verset ci-dessus, notre relation intime avec Dieu. (Un vignoble fructueux est symbolique de l'Eglise). Les renards sont connus pour creuser sous pied de vignes, ils commencent alors à ronger les racines jusqu'à ce que le système de vie des plantes soit finalement détruit.


Dieu vous bénisse et passez des merveilleuses Fêtes.